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At Echuca Optical our team offer a full range of eye care services.

  • Comprehensive, thorough eye examinations for all ages including older adults, school-aged and younger children.
  • Same-day appointments for painful and sore eyes, metal foreign bodies, removal of in-turned eyelashes and sudden vision loss.
  • Specialised testing equipment including visual field tests, digital retinal imaging and optical coherence tomography (OCT).
  • Screening for diabetic eye disease.
  • Myopia control for young children.
  • Fitness for driving assessments for both Victorian and New South Wales license holders.
  • Collaborative care with GPs and opthalmologists of chronic eye diseases and post-operative care.
  • Occupational near vision and safety spectacle assessment.
  • Contact lens fitting including multifocal and hard lens fitting.

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Comprehensive eye examinations

  • Examinations bulk-billed subject to Medicare eligibility.
  • 30-45 minute examinations to evaluate and discuss your spectacle needs and the health of your eyes.
  • Additional, specialised testing as needed for eye diseases with state of the art equipment.

Children’s eye testing

  • Vision is an integral part to the normal development of children, their academic progress during school age years, and their transition to adulthood. We perform examinations for children’s eyes, ensuring adequate vision and eye health.
  • Where needed we provided treatments and plans for eyes and vision problems that often specifically affect children. We work together with parents, other health professionals and teachers, and we welcome referrals although it is not a requirement.

Myopia control

  • Myopia, often referred to as short-sightedness or near-sightedness is a common eye problem that causes blurred distance vision. This happens usually because the eye has elongated, causing light to focus too short of the retina. This elongation can be caused by lifestyle and family history risk factors.
  • In the past, myopia has been seen as a problem that only needs correction with spectacles, contact lenses, and refractive surgery, even as it rapidly worsens. We now know myopia causes a significant increase in the risk of eye disease later in life. Just a small amount of myopia can triple the risk of developing early-onset cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detatchment, and some forms of macula degeneration.
  • To combat these consequences, and also reduce the increasing burden on glassess and contact lenses, the time to act on this problem is as it develops in childhood. Our optometrists are able to fit purpose made contact lenses and prescription medications in a treatment plan that best suits the child and the family.

Diabetic eye disease screening

  • Diabetes can cause a number of complications eyes, most commonly including diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, diabetic macular oedema and sometimes double vision.
  • Even in severe cases, these complications can often have no symptoms, so we recommend a checkup at least every 2 years to our diabetic patients, even if they have had no new problems.
  •  We welcome referrals from GPs and other care providers.

Appointments for sore, painful eyes

  •  We are always able to squeeze you in for an urgent appointment if you are experiencing significant eye pain or a sudden loss of vision.
  • Our optometrists are able to diagnose the problem and provide immediate treatment, sometimes with prescription medications.
  • We are also able to remove foreign objects including metal fragments from eyes from grinding. Call us now to organise a same day appointment, rather than waiting in the emergency room!

Tailor made spectacle solutions

  • When it comes to glasses – one size never fits all!
  • Our experienced optometrists and optical dispensers can suggest and fit a unique spectacle solution for your working and lifestyle environment.
  • We offer a large range of prescription safety spectacles and shooting glasses which are expertly fit on site.


Contact lens fitting

  •  Our expert optometrists are able to fit a large variety of contact lens options including daily disposable lenses for flexibility and ease of use, and monthly reusable lenses for frequent use. We even can suggest multifocal lens options.
  • Some specialised hard lenses can be fit on site. Call to inquire.

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Call (03) 5482 6121 or book online.

Call (03) 5482 6121 or book online.